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 on stem-cell research...

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PostSubject: on stem-cell research...   Mon May 26, 2008 5:29 pm

so i seem to remember a deal a little while back about stem-cell research and how they'd figured out a way to get as-good-of-stem-cells from some source other than embryos... is this true? I cant find the article...

but then I'm also curious what your thoughts are on the whole topic. I dont feel very educated about it. just taking the conservative view because its the conservative view... but not being educated...

then there are always those who say

Religion must not block progres

which I disagree with, because shutting down slavery for human rights definitely could have been seen as stopping progress for the sake of human rights... i'm sure there are many other things which seem more black and white than this....

lemme know
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on stem-cell research...
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