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 seeking theologers

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PostSubject: seeking theologers   Thu Jul 24, 2008 10:45 am

check this
for this
Quote :
I have decided to create a place where many can blog. This is simply so those who want to blog about things related to theology, the bible, or just living a christian life but donít want the hassle of blogging every day can join a group and create some content together. Because I have my own blog I will not be joining this crowd but simply setting it up for folks.

Because this is not my blog you will have more freedom to sort out your own writing styles and topics, it doesnít need to look anything like what I write. You donít have to think like I do, I just want a unique and interesting voiceÖ

If you would be interested in blogging here (in such a capacity) then please let me know in the comments. Then send 3 sample blog entries to

rogermugs at gmail dot com

and Iíll pick 10-15 folks whom I enjoy to write at least once a week for this blog. Please include a little bit about yourself and your theological background (though I donít imagine your theology will affect my accepting you much).

Invite your friends, this kind of thing is always more fun with people you know.

I imagine this will take a bit to really get off the ground, so have patience.

Good luck, I hope you enjoy yourself.

p.s. Iíll even throw in an @theologer.com google email address for you if youíd likeÖ
i hope some of you oblige...
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seeking theologers
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